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Providing Safe Emergency Housing In & Around London

Home 4 Comfort Ltd Ethos

Our core beliefs strive to create surroundings that are safe and conducive to success for residents at every step of their journey.

Because we are ardent believers that your surroundings has a significant impact on your welfare and limits a child's day-to-day lived experience, our accommodations are fully furnished and designed to a high standard.

The wellbeing and security of our tenants come first at Home 4 Comfort Ltd. 

In response, we make sure that this is taken into account when managing the residences on a daily basis, whether through CCTV, incident records, keeping in touch with any specialists involved as needed, or even the most fundamental step of assuring routine deep cleaning.

Bunk Bed
Room with Bunk Bed

Our  Homes

Home 4 Comfort Ltd offers high-quality lodging at inexpensive nightly prices. Housing is a basic need, and the standard of the accommodations might affect the way the child lives.


We make sure that every one of our houses is kept in excellent condition, which includes being regularly thoroughly cleaned, mold-free, safe, and equipped with a variety of kitchen facilities.

We Offer

Families, Immigrants, Social Care & Young People in need of short- or long-term housing who have undergone a risk assessment can stay in a safe, independent setting. A link between a shelter and a permanent residence

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