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Supporting Families At Risk In & Around London

About Home 4 Comfort Ltd

Home 4 Comfort Ltd. is managed and supported by a group of experienced professionals who are now engaged in management-level practise, and are dedicated to supporting families at risk. Owing to our experience of families living in emergency accommodation which at times could be poor and extortionate, we are here to offer a better solutions, to ensure that the lives and fundamental needs of children and families are improved, we determined it was time to make a change. As a result, Home 4 Comfort Ltd was established, where we offer a variety of vulnerable children, young people, and adults inexpensive emergency, short-term, and long-term housing.

All of our residents will benefit from our efforts to increase resilience and confidence. Giving them the skills they need to plan, control spending, and live safely in their neighbourhood.

Consistently promoting good family ideals and values is our goal.

We take pride in providing inexpensive housing and are devoted to providing social rent.

In order for people to be able to endure life's obstacles, keep or get tenancies, and live happy and independent lives, we assist individuals, households, and communities in being more resilient.

Dad & Son

Immigration Accommodation

Food package

Emergency Accommodation

Family at home

Social Accommodation

Longer term accommodation for families subject to immigration controls such as having No Access to Public Funds

Emergency and short term accommodation for homeless families working with Children & Families Social Care

Social housing is more affordable than housing on the open market. It can be rented from housing associations or councils at reduced rents, or it can be part-sold, part-rented as shared ownership.

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